In Range

Rendezvous at mark six point one. This is Red Two. Flying toward you. Red Three, standing by. Red Leader, this is Base One. Keep half your group out of range for the next run. Copy, Base One. Luke, take Red Two and Three. Hold up here and wait for my signal…to start your run. This is it! We should be able to see it by now. Keep your eyes open for those fighters! There’s too much interference! Red Five, can you see them from where you are? No sign of any…wait! Coming in point three five. I see them. I’m in range. Target’s coming up! Just hold them off for a few seconds.

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Red Leader… This is Gold Leader. We’re starting out attack run. I copy, Gold Leader. Move into position. Stay in attack formation! The exhaust post is… marked and locked in! Switch power to front deflector screens. How many guns do you think, Gold Five. I’d say about twenty guns. Some on the surface, some on the towers. Death Star will be in range in five minutes. Switching to targeting computer. Computer’s locked. Getting a signal. The guns…they’ve stopped! Stabilize your read deflectors. Watch for enemy fighters.

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Stand by, Chewie, here we go. Cut in the sublight engines. What the…? Aw, we’ve come out of hyperspace into a meteor shower. Some kind of asteroid collision. It’s not on any of the charts. What’s going on? Our position is correct, except…no, Alderaan! What do you mean? Where is it? Thats what I’m trying to tell you, kid. It ain’t there. It’s been totally blown away. What? How? Destroyed…by the Empire!

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Fast and Furious; These 2 Puppies Know How to Have FUN

Sometimes we just need to share a laugh or an experience.

These two pups are foster dogs through Greyhound Friends for Life in Northern CA
They are 2 of 4 pups rescued from the Central Valley of CA.
Talk about laughing on a daily basis! I wish we could post every cute thing they do, but we’ll settle for a few cute photos

Pictured here are:
Nina and Newman! (Nina-grey and white female) (Newman- tan male) Both are approximately 10-11 wks old.
“YES”, Newman is named for the blue eyed actor-Paul Newman as he has the beautiful blue eyes of this star.

They are being fostered in Northern CA.

If you would like more information about these 2 adorable Greyhound/Borzoi Mixes please visit

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How A Dedicated Group Keeps Community Dogs Out of Shelters

Nothing says,
“I AM LOVED” like getting needed care at Sacramento Neighborhood Dog Days free clinics

Photo Credit: 4 R Friends

Photo Credit: 4 R Friends

4 R Friends, a Sacramento-based non-profit rescue organization, believes that the value of a family pet does not diminish with the family’s income.  

They also believe that the only way to keep from euthanizing pets at our overcrowded local shelters is to stem the tide of pets entering the shelters.  That’s why they make their mission to help low-income pet owner’s keep their beloved pets happy, healthy, and at home.

“The response from the neighborhoods is overwhelming.  We bring the resources directly to the neighborhood with the most need, and with the highest intake to local shelters.  It affirms that just because a person has low income, or may be indigent, their love and dedication to their pets may be one of the most sustaining and important things in their life,”  says Jean Rabinowitz, DVM, Founder and Director of 4 R Friends.

Photo Credit: 4 R Friends

Photo Credit: 4 R Friends

Since 2012, this all-volunteer organization has been holding monthly Neighborhood Dog Days, a free clinic that provides vaccines, flea prevention, deworming, nail trims, high-quality dog food, collars and engraved ID tags for all ages and breeds of dog.  They also have veterinarians with a full pharmacy who treat all manner of medical problems, from chronic ear infections and flea allergy dermatitis to mange and parvo and even wounds and abscesses.  Sign-ups are taken for free or low-cost spay and neuter when resources are available.

“We see around 350 dogs at each event, with our record being 497 dogs in one morning,” says Summer Kieselbach, RVT, Volunteer Coordinator and Founding Board Member.  “It takes a lot of planning, good will, many dedicated volunteers to keep the events safe, fun, and efficient.” 

The next Neighborhood Dog Days will be held on Sunday, February 12, 2017 from 9AM to 12N at the Del Paso Heights Branch of the Sacramento Public Library.  

Photo Credit: 4 R Friends

Photo Credit: 4 R Friends

Know anyone who could use a little help with veterinary needs?
Please Share This Flyer so more people with pets in need of care. 

Download a flyer to give them

This organization cannot continue to do this without our help!

The need is GREAT! The service is priceless; it helps people in the community and helps our area shelters by keeping pets in their homes!
Volunteers, Donations and Supplies are ALWAYS Needed

Interested volunteering?  

Have collars, leashes, dog houses, dog clothes to donate?

Know someone who needs a little extra help keeping their dogs up to date on the basics, or who has a dog with a medical problem? 

Download a flyer to give them

Want to support our Spay/Neuter Program? 
Donate via PayPal at


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Why I Determined this Product to be a Big Mistake


I came across this product, Cool Runner Pro Series Aluminum Enclosure and thought I had found the product of my dreams!
Vertical only Bars!

I ignored the huge expense, thinking that this enclosure would be my savior!
I chose the 36 inch high by 30 inch long (8 section) to the tune of $400+.

I was so excited to get this pen and use it! I use exercise pens regularly for adoption events, containing puppy litters, closing off an area to dogs and much, much more!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

The first experience with this pen was a 4-month-old Pup. He was a larger puppy than I would usually contain but needed to contain him for specific reasons. 


Lightweight, Easily Carried, Setup is relatively easy, Vertical bars prevent climbing out of the pen.


The dog(s) can push this pen around with ease; scratches the floor (wood or slate), No tools to help weigh it down or attach to prevent movement, the “unit” is hard to carry as the panels, even with the velcro attached as shown, separate and drag.


The picture to the right shows the unit collapsed with the velcro bands fastened around and the handles. Looks good, right?

Well, when you actually carry it the middle sections sink a bit and can drag on the floor. This didn’t work for me.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

Now, we’ll move onto the other experience with the pen.

So it was pretty obvious to me that this pen wasn’t usable for larger puppies but I decided to try it one more time.  I had just started fostering two – 8 wks old Greyhound puppies and thought they would be an ideal size to try out this pen again. These pups are much smaller and I can set it up in a room that won’t allow them to push it around. 

I set it up and put the pups in it!

I left the room for a minute and came back to find one of the 4 puppies OUT OF THE PEN!! 

Oh darn!
Can’t it even contain these smaller pups?

I had to find out how this little girl was getting out so quickly!
Before I knew it she was back IN the pen!
Oh great!

I sat and watched her a bit and discovered she could sneak her way through the larger openings between the panels. 

I saw her wiggle through the front openings of pen (Red arrows point to the areas where there is ample room for a puppy to get through). She simply went out and went back in at her leisure.

OK, so maybe she was a smaller female and actually not indicative of puppies in general, after all greyhounds are very slim! It was then that I saw the larger male do the exact same thing…a little harder to sneak out no question about it, but he did it over and over again.

So my opinion of this pen (and I have used several pens in comparison) is that it is NOT worth $400+. The vertical bars aren’t a benefit if the puppy can squeeze through 8 openings on the expanded pen. 

I had put aside the high price hoping that the benefits would be worth the extra money, but I was proven WRONG!  The Pen I use (and will continue to use) is the Courtyard Kennel, a modular pen that is very flexible and adopts to a lot of places and uses. It’s sturdy and the only real downfall is that puppies can climb the panels. So until someone else addresses the weaknesses of existing expandable pens on the market I will continue to use the Courtyard Kennel!

The Courtyard Kennel! Photo Credit:

The Courtyard Kennel! Photo Credit:

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On the 12th Day of Christmas….

On the 12th day of Christmas my people gave to me, 12 Frosty Bite Pup-Pies, 11 Best Bully Sticks to Chomp on, 10 Pine Tree Squeaky Toys, 9 Jolly Balls Rolling, 8 Kongs with Stuffing, 7 shiny collars, a 6 month Bark Box subscription, 5 Cozy Blankets, 4 Wreath Rope Toys, 3 Christmas Crunchkins, 2 Reindeer Antlers and a Litey Leash to guide me.

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