Helpful Information for Dog Owners

Help With Behavioral issues

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Behavioral Problems – Dogs
Companion Animal Behavior Program
Companion Animal Solutions
Information on Common Behavior Problems
Preventing Animal Behavior Problems
Behavioral Problems with Older Dogs


Bringing A New Puppy Home
Bringing Bowser Home
Caring for a New Puppy
Getting a New Puppy
New Puppy Care
Puppies 101
Puppy Care and Training
Puppy Training

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Caring for An Older Dog

Taking Care of an Older Dog
Caring for Older Dogs and Cats
Caring for Your Older Dog
The Senior Dogs Project

Caring for an Older Dog with Health Issues

Allergies and Dogs

Are You Allergic to Your Pet?
People with Allergies to Pets
Get Your Allergies Under Control
Living with Dogs Who Cause Allergies
You Can Keep Your Dog and Have Allergies

Signs Your Dog May Have Allergies
Understanding Canine Allergies
Canine Allergies

Are Carrots Good for Your Dog’s Health?

Cancer In Dogs

Animal Cancer Foundation
The Magic Bullet Fund
Financial Assistance for Dogs with Cancer
National Canine Cancer Foundation
Skin Cancer – Can Pets Get It Too?

Pet Loss

Grief and Pet Loss
Grief & the Loss of a Pet
Loss and Grief
Pet Loss and Death
Tips for Coping with Dog Loss

Housing- Tips for families with Dogs
People With Pets
Pet Friendly Housing (Sacramento, CA)
Renting with Pets
Housing Help
California Laws affecting Renting with Pets
Finding Pet Friendly Housing


Rehoming Your Pet
Rehoming Your Pet Responsibly
Rehome Your Dog
Finding a New Home for Your Dog
How to Rehome a Dog
Rehoming a Pet
Options When Rehoming a Pet

Dog Rescue And Adoption Articles

Misconceptions about Dog Adoption
Breed Labeling and How it Affects Adoptions

Financial Help for People with Pets