Disaster Preparedness for You and Your Dog

Wildfires, Earthquakes and Other Disasters

California experiences disasters in all shapes and forms throughout the year. As Summer approaches and temperatures rise we need to be prepared for ourselves but also for our pets!

Do YOU have an emergency plan in place?

 We’ve searched the internet for some of the best resources to guide you in preparing for the unthinkable.

Here are links to resources we feel provide step by step information on being prepared:

Some have checklists and tool kits that help you.

AKC Disaster Prep

CDC Pet Disaster Prep

The resource below is for people and pets and is provided by the Red Cross.

Mobile apps that help in a disaster or emergency


RED ROVER is a resource right here in our backyard!

They have wonderful programs and have volunteers who are equipped to help in a disaster as well as steps to prepare in case of an emergency or disaster.


Here’s one of the best checklists we found From Pet Assure

Emergency Preparedness Checklist 



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7 Responses to Disaster Preparedness for You and Your Dog

  1. Nichole Burke says:

    Being prepared for any kind of emergency is so important. You just never know when you’ll have to leave in a pinch.


  2. Kevin & Rachael says:

    Thanks for compiling these links. We have some emergency supplies prepared, but could definitely do a better job getting together a plan for various situations.


  3. Kristian Taylor says:

    This is so important to remember… Having emergency vet and pet information as well as a disaster plan. In Australia we get lot’s of bushfires and I always worry about the animals inside the homes when owners are at work. Having a plan (even if it is a sticker on the door saying "Pets Inside") can help emergency crews know which houses to go into.


  4. Sherri Telenko says:

    I’m one of those people who have no plan and aren’t prepared. I should, however, be prepared this winter to get snowed in… or worse.


  5. Heartprints Pets says:

    I’m not prepared, but plan on using these resources to get prepared. Thanks for compiling and sharing the info!


  6. Luna Lupus says:

    Posts like this always wake me up. I don’t really worry about natural disasters, due to my blessed geographic location, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen! Thank you for sharing this!


  7. Puppy Tales Studio says:

    It’s so important to be well prepared! But I’m not prepared for earthquakes since I live in Belgium. But things like fires are hazards everywhere!!


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