All ‘Bout Me! The Face behind the Mutts

I thought I would write a little about ME and how I got started in Dog Rescue. See the face behind All ‘Bout the Mutts

Who Am I?
I’m the face behind the blog. I’m a dog lover! Not “just” a dog lover…dogs are my passion! I see the unfortunate side of animal sheltering and how much better it could be if people knew about the resources available.

I started in dog rescue quite accidentally. I stumbled upon a group on Facebook that listed dogs in need of transport to rescues in the SF Bay Area from the Bakersfield area. I had transported dogs from shelters to rescues before, here and there, but this one instance changed my life forever!

On this specific day, I transported a dog to Coppers Dream Rescue in SF Bay Area and met the coordinator, Jill. 

I mentioned to her that I used to foster (occasionally) but wanted to get involved again. She said she’d keep me in mind should a foster need arise.

That afternoon the phone rang, Jill asked, “are you ready for your first foster?”

I was astounded that I was needed so soon! She explained the situation to me; a dog had been lost a couple of weeks before and was “found” near me. I was tasked with going and picking up the dog from the finder.

When I saw the dog, I thought, either she’s had pups recently, or she’s pregnant. I informed Jill who quickly made an appointment at the vet where it was confirmed, she was, indeed, very pregnant and possibly delivering at any time. YIKES!

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Her name was Vida, and she was a DOLL, but I had never assisted with whelping puppies!

I didn’t know the first thing about it! I was Nervous.  Jill assured me that she would find a foster that was experienced in whelping pups but it would take a couple of days. I was sure she would have the pups in my care, and I had to make sure that didn’t happen!

A foster stepped forward within a week, and the little pregnant nugget was transferred, JUST IN TIME, and I breathed a sigh of relief. No puppies were going to be born HERE!

It took Vida several weeks to whelp (who was I to know?) but she did, and all little ones thrived and were adopted to their forever homes! I was grateful.

This ONE instance with such a great, supportive rescue got me on the road to fostering dogs and, YES, I even specialize in whelping puppies now! Who could have known?

Fostering is a wonderful experience, and I’ll write more on my blog about the in’s and out’s of fostering. It is an experience that will change your life!

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