4 Actions That Hinder a Search for a Lost Dog

When your dog is lost, it’s an emotional experience. So many things go through your mind.
Read what NOT TO DO when you dog goes missing

Infographic Credit: Allboutthemutts.com

Infographic Credit: Allboutthemutts.com

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4 Steps to Help Reunite a Found Dog With Their Owners

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Getting a New Dog – Here’s How to Prepare

Click on the picture to view the Checklist.

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15 Resources to Check out When You Need Help with Veterinary Bills


The Haven Humane Society, Misty lee Memorial FUnd

This Fund offers several assistance programs for pets in need including preventive and wellness care (e.g. vaccination and deworming), spay/neutering and emergency medical care. They also offer dog training and adoption services.


Placer SPCA SOS Program offers assistance unexpected conditions which, if left untreated, would likely prove debilitating and result in a poor quality of life for the animal, in the opinion of a veterinarian. Financial assistance is available on a one-time basis only, not to exceed $500.

Paws In Need

This fund is from a local California Non-Profit organization that provides funding assistance for necessary one-time urgent medical treatment of community animals and spay/neuter (Feral, stray, or owned) in the Tri-valley and surrounding areas.

The San Francisco SPCA

The SFSPCA has created several innovative programs to make veterinary care affordable to all eligible guardians. You need meet certain eligibility requirements and live in San Francisco in order to apply. They also offer free or discounted Spay/Neuter clinics.

Santa Cruz SPCA

The Santa Cruz SPCA has several programs to aid with the costs of vaccination, spay/ neuter and other veterinary services. They also offer dog training, disaster relief and microchipping services.

Sacramento SPCA

Sacramento SPCA also offer discounted veterinary services, low-costs vaccinations and spay/neuter in Sacramento.


Vet SOS provides free veterinary care to the companion animals of homeless San Franciscans and links their human guardians with health care services. Vet SOS provides free pop-up veterinary clinics 12 times per year using volunteer staffing and a specially equipped mobile outreach van. Visit their website to learn more about their services.

The Chester Foundation

The Chester Foundation offers veterinary care assistance in the Sacramento region.


Red Rover offers financial assistance for victims of domestic violence and their pets through its Safe Escape program. The goal is to enable victims to leave a domestic violence situation without having to leave their pets behind. Grants may be provided for temporary boarding and veterinary care.

The Marin Humane Society

The Marin Humane Society has an Emergency Veterinary Assistance program as well as a SHARE (Special Human-Animal Relationships) program that offers pet care assistance to low-income seniors and people with HIV/AIDS, animal- assisted therapy, and dogs helping children to read.


Napa Humane has several programs and services to aid with veterinary care costs. They offer low-cost vaccination and spay/neuter clinics, dog training, microchipping and other services.

The Animal Welfare Assistance Group, Monterey County

Offers veterinary care assistance, spay/neuter, pet food and supplies for seniors, disabled veterans, owners of service dogs and others, and pet care resources and referrals.

The Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation

The Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation offers grants for pets who need oncology services nationwide.


The “Bentley Grant” provides financial assistance for senior dogs who are over 10 years old. Breed is taken into consideration when determining what is “senior”.

Assistance Dog United Campaign

The Assistance Dog United Campaign. Operated in association with The Assistance Dog Institute, this nonprofit helps people with disabilities find funding to purchase service dogs.

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Essential Items to Keep in your car to help a loose dog in need

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Other Side

This time Alice waited patiently until it chose to speak again. In a minute or two the Caterpillar took the hookah out of its mouth and yawned once or twice, and shook itself. Then it got down off the mushroom, and crawled away in the grass, merely remarking as it went, ‘One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter.’

‘One side of WHAT? The other side of WHAT?’ thought Alice to herself.

‘Of the mushroom,’ said the Caterpillar, just as if she had asked it aloud; and in another moment it was out of sight.

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‘Well, I should like to be a LITTLE larger, sir, if you wouldn’t mind,’ said Alice: ‘three inches is such a wretched height to be.’

‘It is a very good height indeed!’ said the Caterpillar angrily, rearing itself upright as it spoke (it was exactly three inches high).

‘But I’m not used to it!’ pleaded poor Alice in a piteous tone. And she thought of herself, ‘I wish the creatures wouldn’t be so easily offended!’

‘You’ll get used to it in time,’ said the Caterpillar; and it put the hookah into its mouth and began smoking again.

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